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Finding the right type of dog for each individual is important to K9s From Carrie. Technically, a dog of any breed can be an emotional support dog, though some breeds are more suited for this type of work than others.

In addition, certain breeds may be better suited for individuals depending on what they need the dog to do, their personalities, where they live, and so on.

K9s From Carrie partners with licensed breeders and local animal rescues to find dogs to pair with individuals dealing with mental illness. We work with recipients to provide our expertise and guidance in choosing a dog.

Knowing which breeders have solid reputations is important. And, recognizing a rescue dog's temperament--especially as a support dog--is critical.

We avoid puppy mills, which often keep their parent dogs in dirty conditions, do not screen for genetic diseases, and usually over-breed their dogs.

Below are some excellent resources regarding dog services and finding dogs.

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K9s From Carrie works with Off Leash K9 Training for all of its support dogs.

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