K9s From Carrie Recipients


Bandit and Grace

Bandit helps this 14 year old girl overcome her anxiety, depression and PTSD Grace-and-Bandit-WEB

Grace was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD. She found her dog at a local rescue and named him Bandit.  She utilized our training including having Bandit become a certified emotional support dog. To date Bandit has turned her daily life around.

Cash, Kari and John

Cash3-WEB Cash2-WEB

Kari and John were our first emotional support dog recipients after Carrie died. Kari’s father died of suicide and Kari lives with anxiety. Her emotional therapy support dog Cash is always by her side and keeps her laughing with his big goofy ways!

Rhianna, Roj and Scout

Scout-pic-773×1030 Rhianna-and-Scout

Rhianna and Roj already owned this sweet 4 1/2 month old beagle named Scout when they requested obedience and emotional support training for him. Rhianna has a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and Anxiety. Scout has made her day-to-day life much easier. He keeps her grounded and taking care of him gives her a reason to get out of bed every morning.

"Cash makes me smile every time I look at him, even when I’m having the worst days."

~ Kari

Anonymous and Rocky


K9s From Carrie helped purchase and train this Shorkie puppy for a family whose 17-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  Her family told us, “Rocky goes with us every day to drop her off and pick her up from school. Now she is starting to take him with her when she goes places. She loves him very much. He is a really great dog! Thank you!”

Mackenzie and Lily

Lily2-WEB Mackenzie-and-Lily–WEB2

We helped pair this adorable Golden Doodle puppy with Mackenzie, who was diagnosed with multiple mental illnesses and many hospitalizations. K9s From Carrie sponsored the purchase of Lily and emotional support training. We're happy to say that Lily has been an overwhelmingly positive influence for Mackenzie. She is like my best friend. When days are challenging she is there to help calm me and help me smile and to feel protected and safe. I am beyond thankful for having her around." When Mackenzie had been hospitalized she was visited  by many dogs and plans to take Lily to visit other kids hospitalized to make them happy too.

Jamie and Roxy


Not all emotional support pets are dogs. We were able to pair this teenage girl with a snake she named Roxy. She is unable to sustain a dog, but she has a great love for snakes. And, Roxy has the ability to calm her down when she's holding the snake.

Receiving this gift has been such a huge blessing and I am so grateful. When you're dealing with mental illness, every single day is a huge struggle. He needs to eat, I need to eat. He needs to go for walks and now I'm exercising and outside instead of in bed thinking and thinking. So many things that were unattainable to me before are now achieved because of Scout.

~ Rhianna

Robin and Oakley

Oakley-IMG_1883-938×1030 Oakley2

Robin was diagnosed with PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety.  K9s From Carrie helped pair Oakley with Robin and sponsored training. In a note from Robin, "I am always trying to think of ways to add Carrie's name and that my dog is from "her" non-profit. We never would've been able to train him without you! For that, we are beyond grateful."

Jaynee and Amigo

Jaynee- jaynee and puppy

Jaynee was diagnosed with an eating disorder at 15 (in and out of treatment). With it came depression, anxiety and OCD--all which altered the way she lived and loved life. K9s From Carrie sponsored the purchase and training for this Golden Doodle named Amigo. Jayne says, "We are so happy to have a little buddy to cuddle and love unconditionally!"

Anna and Dakota

BlueHairPuppy Anna-and-Dakota-WEB

Anna has major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. K9s From Carrie helped in sponsoring the purchase and training of this adorable Pomski Mix named Dakota. Within a year of pairing Anna and Dakota, we've visited with them and Anna is more confident because of her dog's emotional support.

Kevin and Coco

Coco-IMG_5811-579×1030 Kevin-and-Coco-WEB

Kevin, who served in the army during Operation Iraq Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom has been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety. He asked us to sponsor training for this little Rottweiler Coco to help him cope with his illness, which includes accompanying him in public.

The Leisdon Family and Mable

Mable As an emotional support dog, Mable is helping her owner. K9s From Carrie
When this family lost their existing dog to cancer, their young son--who has suffered from panic attacks and anxiety since he was very young and has gone through therapy and counseling--became more anxious. They knew they needed another dog and contacted K9s From Carrie.  When Mable, a Golden Doodle, joined her new family, their son couldn't have been more happy! His anxiety has gotten better and he's only had one panic attack!

Heaven and Louie


Heaven has chronic lung disease, asthma, anxiety, PTSD, drug and alcohol exposure in utero, traumatic brain injury due to prematurity, sensory processing disorder, and attachment disorder.  With all the challenges Heaven faces daily, they were looking for a dog when they met K9s From Carrie. Heaven calls Louie her "Helper Dog." He knows when Heaven's anxiety level is increasing and will lay right on top of her to help calm herself.  Heaven's mother Kim recently wrote, "There really aren't words to express how we appreciate the Gallagher family. We truly feel they are honoring their daughter in the most amazing way.  Thanks again, you are all a true blessing!"

Getting a dog can be stressful, but K9s From Carrie made is so fun for us. Mabel is now five months old and our son couldn't be more happy!  Mabel is his buddy!  Thank you for all you have done for our family!! Especially for putting that smile on our sons face!!


~ D. Leisdon

Carrie and Red

Red_IMG_0026-773×1030 Carrie-and-Red-WEB
Carrie has been diagnosed with PTSD and it is something she struggles with daily. Before she got Red she would isolate herself, she was lonely, sad, anxious and scared. Nightmares were a constant nightly. In a note to K9s From Carrie she wrote, "Red has brought light back into my life. He makes me laugh every day. He gets me up and out of the house and out of my mind. I'm able to feel relaxed when he is with me. I don't worry about every little thing anymore. I feel safer when he is around. My nightmares have reduced immensely since Red has come into my life. I feel alive again because of this amazing dog and I will always be eternally grateful to K9's from Carrie!

Elizabeth, Ted and Ipsie

Elizabeth—Ipsie—WEB1 Elizabeth—Ipsie—WEB2

Ipsie, a miniature Australian Shepherd, brings a sense of purpose, responsibility and empathy for Elizabeth and her brother Ted. Elizabeth has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and Ted has autism. K9s From Carrie sponsored finding and training Ipsie. To date she provides unconditional love, licks away tears and calms anxiety provoking moments.

Vince and Matrix


Tonya has always called mental illness the "silent killer." She was diagnosed with PTSD and clinical depression and since the age of 5 (when the abuse began) has had thoughts of suicide. The one thing that helped relieve her pain were her animals.  Recently, she had to put her 17-year-old dog down. This added to the everyday stress she felt as a single mother of a behavioral child (Vince has been diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar, Anxiety, Autism 1, and PTSD). Getting Matrix, a black Golden Doodle, is helping to relieve the situation. He knows when Vince has a melt down and helps Tonya when she experiences flashbacks. She wrote to K9s From Carrie saying, "Animals are incredible gifts from God. I don't look at life like it's an ending anymore, I look at it like a new beginning. Thank you so much for everything."

I'm always telling others that Oakley is a dog from K9s From Carrie! We would never have been able to train him without you and we are beyond grateful. Thank you.

~ Robin

Stephanie and Charlie

Charlie-IMG_7337-e1468681963459 Stephanie-and-Charlie-WEB

Thanks to the pairing of Charlie with Stephanie, she is able to remain in school and live a better life.  Stephanie and her family chose the name 'Charlie' in honor of our daughter Carrie--they thought it was the closest boy name! K9s From Carrie was able to provide obedience and emotional support training for this cute little guy. Said Stephanie, "I am truly blessed for all the support that K9s from Carrie has offered me."

Heather and Luca

Heather and Luca

Heather has been diagnosed with depression. She adopted Luca, an Australian Cattle dog after she went into remission from Lymphoma. Coincidentally, Luca was born the same year of Heather's Lymphoma diagnosis. K9s From Carrie sponsored training for Luca. In a note from Heather, "Luca is the reason I look forward to going home every night and day, he is my best friend. He is the biggest bed hog and follows me everywhere...Luca is my tail with a tail of his very own. I’ve learned that he is a very weird fellow which is perfect because I am I a weird woman. Two peas in a pod."


Abby and Willow

Abby-WEB Abby and Willow

Abby was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Willow is trained to calm her down during anxiety attacks by sitting on her chest. This help's change Abby's temperature and and Willow's licks helps make her happy during those moments. Willow is a Tibetan Terrier.

Just look at Mara. If you don't believe in the power of dog emotional support before, you will now!

~ Shannon, Mara's Mom

Mara and Asha


Mara has been diagnosed with X, X, and X. When her family received Asha, they were moved to tears by the generosity of K9s From Carrie. The emotions had built up over the past year as they dealt with Mara's daily struggles. Asha, which means alive, happy and hope in Hebrew, Swahili and Sanskrit, is a Tibetan Terrier. She brings happiness to their family. In a note from Shannon, Mara's mother, "What a difference your amazing gift is making- all in Carrie's honor!  Thank you so very much.  We will count you and Carrie in our blessings every day!"

Dawn and Molly

Molly-WEB Dawn-and-Molly-WEB

Dawn has been diagnosed with severe chronic depression, severe anxiety, and panic attacks. She credits her previous dog Toby for saving her life back in 2003. When she first met Molly, she had the very same feelings and was immediately attracted to the dog. Since receiving Molly, Dawn wrote to us saying, "Today was probably the brightest day I have had in the last 3 months!! I know Molly is the right choice for me. Thank you so much!"

Billy and Loki

Billy-and-Loki-WEB Billy-Loki-WEB

Billy was diagnosed with moderate to severe bipolar with explosive anger disorder and ADHD. Loki came from a family who treated him poorly and were ready to put him down, but was thankfully rescued by Billy and his wife. K9s From Carrie sponsored the emotional support training to this smart, loving and trainable dog, who has become the perfect companion for Billy.

Filipe and Rose

Filipe and Rose
Filipe, pictured with his wife Lynette and new puppy Rose, was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety. K9s From Carrie paired these two and will provide training when Rose, that is an eight-week-old Tibetan Terrier, is five-months-old. A former medic in the Army for 20 years, Filipe retired four years ago.

Harley and Dobby


Harley has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. She was a friend of Carrie's and has little footprints tattooed behind her right ear in honor of Carrie and the fun the two had together. Harley actually named her furry friend "Dobby Carrie." Dobby was rescued from Happy Tails Animal Rescue and is currently receiving his emotional support training.